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Artist Statement  

Through the reinvention of traditional heritage craft and graphic design in the context of contemporary media, my work challenges the norms of creative expression and critical thinking. My studio is a place-based field station, allowing me to practice publicly. I am exploring the concept of waste while contemplating the question: “What could we do with nothing?” 

To answer this question I experiment with zero-waste practices, material reuse, and document spaces of social or ecological destruction. My vision is a unique, human-powered experiment, strengthening communities by promoting engaged citizenship and knowledge as a creative capital. The purpose is to agitate and activate public space. fostering an awareness of local ecology, I act as a citizen-artist to organize.


I aim to establish new formats for exchange in response to social and political systems that constrain education, food justice, and ecological stewardship. Cooperation, empowerment, and honesty are leveraged in the process of activating knowledge at the intersection of resources, generosity, and access. My practice finds assets and capital to embody a public practice, open and accessible, responding to barriers of privilege, policy locality, and mobility.

The resulting narrative is evident in the stories I convey.

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