artist statement  

through the reinvention of traditional heritage craft and graphic design in the context of contemporary media, my work challenges the norms of creative expression and critical thinking. my studio is a place-based field station, allowing me to practice publicly. i am exploring the concept of waste while contemplating the question: “What could we do with nothing?” 

to answer this question i experiment with zero-waste practices, material reuse, and document spaces of social or ecological destruction. my vision is a unique, human-powered experiment, strengthening communities by promoting engaged citizenship and knowledge as creative capital. the purpose is to agitate and activate public space. fostering an awareness of local ecology, I act as a citizen-artist to organize.


i aim to establish new formats for exchange in response to social and political systems that constrain education, food justice, and ecological stewardship. cooperation, empowerment, and honesty is leveraged in the process of activating knowledge at the intersection of resources, generosity, and access. my practice finds assets and capital to embody a public practice, open and accessible, responding to barriers of privilege, policy locality, and mobility.

the resulting narrative is evident in the stories i convey.


2015 - 2018

MFA Interdisciplinary Art, Goddard College

2008 - 2010

MPS Arts and Cultural Manangment, Pratt Institute

2001 - 2005

BFA Graphic Design/Letterform, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

2001 - 2005

BFA Sculpture/3D Studies, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth



GD USA Package Design Awards, eco-kids USA, eco-dough, eco-crayons 


GD USA In-house Design Awards, February Fun Vacation Brochure 



MAEA ConferenceMeeting all Learners in a Zero-Waste Art Space

H.A.Y. Conference, Infinity Arts, Zero-Waste Art Space



Thesis Presentation, Balancing Act on a Stream of Consciousness

CAST Free WebinarStories From the Field: Visual Arts & UDL


Mass MEES ConferenceTeaching Seeing: Decoding Ecological Questions Through the Creative Process

Mass School Gardens ConferenceDecoding Ecological Questions Through Visual Literacy

UMass Dartmouth Graphic Design VI Thesis Class, Guest Critic


Community Service Learning Symposium Design for Community Engagement 




Getting to the Point,  Garden House, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

Consciousness in Space, Goddard Film Festival. Goddard College, Plainfield, VT


Cooking Up Something Out of Nothing, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT



Pollinator Picnic (Residencey), Art in the Park 2019, Elm Park, Worcester,MA

Down side UP, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, MA


A Matter of Intention, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester MA


In Praise of Water, Pratt Gallery, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT


Earth Day Pop-up Exhibition, Riverbend Farm, Uxbridge, MA


Surface: 64 variations on a theme, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, MA


Kaboom!, Assumption College Gallery, Worcester, MA


Buddhas Over Worcester, Boundless Way, Worcester, MA

DESIGN is a telescoping ladder that I keep in my apron.

My passion for visual language is the action which creates representation through multiple means. Not a discipline, but a dialogic practice, design speaks between the lines to connect meaning, message, and medium. I teach practice as a skill, engaging lived experience, research, and early sampling. I encourage process as a powerful and motivating factor in the development of influential concepts. Within this constellation, the principles of design, elements of art, and aspects of society coexist. At any given moment, during a conversation, interaction, critique, or rebuttal, I retrieve this ladder, connecting 2D, 3D, or 4D thinking.


Although proficient in contemporary media and technology, I rely on analog processes, heritage techniques, t-square, and tracing paper.  I use the language to construct, deconstruct, distribute, or link concepts, images, text,  or meaning. Design by its nature is interdisciplinary. It invites a viewer, stirs the mind, forces the conversation, and soothes my soul. My pedagogical stance is wider and deeper in breadth but maintains praxis as a central, unifying aspect.

 © 2019 by kathryn egnaczak

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