consciousness in space

The realization that I was an artist without practice

was made clear to me upon taking on an MFA degree in a totally backward series of events. I had learned to thrive as a designer working from a laptop but without a home or space for a practice to live. The term so common to many artists is 'studio' however, that word felt like a cage—a figurative chokehold on the creative process. My explorations allowed me to redefine both my definition of practice and studio by inhabiting uncommon spaces, temporarily. Acting from the available, constraining choices to only what I had. From a dusty barn attic with one window and no power, to a paddleboard or a temporary garden house on the campus of Goddard College

DESIGN is a telescoping ladder that I keep in my apron.

My passion for visual language is the action which creates representation through multiple means. Not a discipline, but a dialogic practice, design speaks between the lines to connect meaning, message, and medium. I teach practice as a skill, engaging lived experience, research, and early sampling. I encourage process as a powerful and motivating factor in the development of influential concepts. Within this constellation, the principles of design, elements of art, and aspects of society coexist. At any given moment, during a conversation, interaction, critique, or rebuttal, I retrieve this ladder, connecting 2D, 3D, or 4D thinking.


Although proficient in contemporary media and technology, I rely on analog processes, heritage techniques, t-square, and tracing paper.  I use the language to construct, deconstruct, distribute, or link concepts, images, text,  or meaning. Design by its nature is interdisciplinary. It invites a viewer, stirs the mind, forces the conversation, and soothes my soul. My pedagogical stance is wider and deeper in breadth but maintains praxis as a central, unifying aspect.

 © 2019 by kathryn egnaczak

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