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rules for residency in lived experience

waymarkers for maintaining momentum

The rules* below were developed while on my first mobility study in residency.​ Documented with commonplace devices (phone camera, ipad) in the moment, to capture the notion of staying on track, even as the path is meant to meander.

These oriented mobility studies take me to places where I seek to look deeper or explore a subject, forms or concepts in a more expansive, interrelated way. Mobility studies operate counter to the traditional residency, emphasizing movement, the space between concepts, and promote deviation rather than settling into a concentration on one project in one place.


From each mobility study, I return to my studio (the world) with new questions that continue to expand the constellation of my interdisciplinary practice.

*rule 13 was added on the day my niece was born.

residency in lived experience #residencyinlivedexperience
rules for residency in lived experience #rulesofresidencyinlivedexperience


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