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what began as a problem of practice has developed into an inquiry-driven process of creating a zero-waste learning space. i wondered, as a college educator, where students lose the excitement of risk in the creative process. working with students, staff, and education leaders in a public elementary school, the concept is evolving. embodying the practice of risk-taking the classroom becomes an ecosystem where we endure the process of navigating barriers and needs by accepting variability as a community asset. we are working to eliminate or repurpose wasted materials, time, energy and human potential.



Meeting all Learners in a Zero-Waste Art Space MAEA Annual Conference

Infinity Arts Interpretive Workshop, H.A.Y Conference

Zero-Waste Art Space, H.A.Y Conference

Transplants, Hiatt Center for Urban Ed. Community of Inquiry, Clark University

Zero-Waste Art Space Designed for All Learners, Clark University MAT guest presenter


DESIGN is a telescoping ladder that I keep in my apron.

My passion for visual language is the action which creates representation through multiple means. Not a discipline, but a dialogic practice, design speaks between the lines to connect meaning, message, and medium. I teach practice as a skill, engaging lived experience, research, and early sampling. I encourage process as a powerful and motivating factor in the development of influential concepts. Within this constellation, the principles of design, elements of art, and aspects of society coexist. At any given moment, during a conversation, interaction, critique, or rebuttal, I retrieve this ladder, connecting 2D, 3D, or 4D thinking.


Although proficient in contemporary media and technology, I rely on analog processes, heritage techniques, t-square, and tracing paper.  I use the language to construct, deconstruct, distribute, or link concepts, images, text,  or meaning. Design by its nature is interdisciplinary. It invites a viewer, stirs the mind, forces the conversation, and soothes my soul. My pedagogical stance is wider and deeper in breadth but maintains praxis as a central, unifying aspect.

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