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lifelike art is connectedness and wide-angle awareness.

-"The Real Experiment," Allan Kaprow

After studying and planning artist residency programs, I began to question the privilege afforded by the experience of departing from daily life to dedicate time and space to practice or craft. As I witnessed through dialogue with other artists and practitioners, the residency is a gift. In my own life, coming to terms with leaving a job and the responsibilities of my family felt unsustainable. Unfortunately, I was not alone in this, beginning to understand that not all practitioners can take advantage of the traditional residency experience due to issues of sustainability. With this question in mind, I decided to riff off Allan Kaprow's lifelike art example in the essay "The Real Experiment."

My residency is everyday life; extracting experience and questions from interactions with the media, messaging, and meaning. Making space and time to observe and respond to the now, and worry about the where and why as it evolves from the process. Chance and continual questioning are cornerstones of this ongoing work/practice/life.

rules for residency in lived experience



rules for residency in lived experience #rulesofresidencyinlivedexperience

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Mandated Vacations

Experimenting with durational inquiry projects around the subject of boundaries during mandated vacation periods.

residency in lived experience 


2019 Mobility Study

Ashville, NC, Black Mountain, NC, Knoxville, TN


2019 Mobility Study

Narrowsburg, NY, Philidelphia PA, Smithtown, NY

2017-ongoing Pilot Project

Today begins a weeklong residency as an
Making space for making

2017 Getting to the Point

Garden House, Goddard College, Plainfield, MA

2017-ongoing    Barn Attic

2016 Drawing Practice

Music Building Attic, Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

Public Practice

2019 Pollinator Picnic Residency
Interludes, Art in the Park Elm Park, Worcester MA


Mere Pond Mud Pie Company

Elm Park's Dirty Laundry

2017 Next 35 Manifesto


2016 Labor and Restraint Manifesto

2015 Artists in Residence
Worcester Free Store,  Worcester MA

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