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Mere Pond Lost + Found

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Mere Pond Lost + Found

Mere Pond Lost and Found is a visual expedition searching for the lost stories of muddy artifacts from Elm Park's Mere Ponds. Artist, Kate Egnaczak looks to the public to connect stories between the items left behind.

The three-part exhibition will include separate shows for each 'department': fashion, toys and accessories, and sporting goods. Each department documents and explores the artist's collections from Elm Park's Mere Ponds, displaying the original objects, still stiff with mud after drying in the sun on clotheslines in the artist’s park-based field station.


Kate studies the objects using continuous line drawings, closely examining the rips, wrinkles, stray stings, and impressions left by the last user. She considers the garbage treasured art-making materials; however, these displayed objects have more significant stories as artifacts. 



Wearable clothing and accessories

Virtual Exhibition

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