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lifelike art is connectedness and wide-angle awareness.

-"The Real Experiment," Allan Kaprow

After studying and planning artist residency programs, I began to question the privilege afforded by the experience of departing from daily life to dedicate time and space to a practice or craft. As I witnessed through dialogue with other artists and practitioners, the residency is a gift. In my own life, coming to terms with leaving a job and the responsibilities of my family felt unsustainable. Unfortunately, I was not alone in this, beginning to understand that not all practitioners can take advantage of the traditional residency experience due to issues of sustainability. With this question in mind, I decided to riff off Allan Kaprow's lifelike art example in the essay "The Real Experiment."

My residency is everyday life. extracting from experience the media, messaging, and meaning. Making space and time to observe and respond to the now. And worry about the where and why as it evolves from the process. The rules* above I created while on my first mobility study in residency, as waymarkers for maintaining momentum.​ I document with commonplace devices, in the moment, to capture the notion of staying on track, even as the path meanders.

Oriented mobility studies that take me to a place where I seek to look deeper or explore a concept in a more expansive way. Mobility studies operate counter to the traditional residency, emphasizing movement, and deviation rather than concentration on one project in one place. From each mobility study, I return to my studio (the world) with new questions that continue to expand the constellation of my interdisciplinary practice.

*rule 13 was added on the day my nice was born.

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